Why is that Goddamned Radio On? by Jim Cory

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Why is that Goddamned Radio On? by Jim Cory

“In any conversation with Jim Cory one will travel fluidly through time, space & various aesthetic and affective dimensions. Why is that Goddamn Radio On? gives me an experience of time, landscape and relationship that is kind of like talking to Jim. An aging queen telling stories. Observation of self and other that share the same bitchy accuracy. A document of queer life in Philadelphia that begins before AIDS and before gentrification and travels in loops of time and loss."

— Marion Bell, author of Austerity

“This lively collection of memoir essays and autobiographical fiction covers everything from gay bars to bird-watching to family to all kinds of music and queens of all varieties. Jim Cory has written a one-man history of gay life over several decades: friendly, literate, raunchy and surprising."

— Chris Bram, author of Gods and Monsters

“Jim Cory’s fictions are accretions of quiet wisdom and shrewd observations. Elegantly written, they are witty, slyly humorous, and unfailingly urbane. Readers who appreciate Cory as a consummate poet will be delighted to discover he’s also a consummate storyteller.”

— Vincent Czyz, author of The Christos Mosaic

“Masterful storyteller skills are hard at work in Why is that Goddamned Radio On? Whether writing about a mysterious, regal, and beloved aunt in Fargo or a return to a seedy gay bar in Philadelphia and its cast of characters, Cory brings the past to life and effortlessly travels back and forth in time, inspired by the likes of Sarah Vaughn. You’re not going to want to miss this one!”

— Janet Mason, author of Cinnamon, a dairy cow’s and her farmer’s path to freedom

“Jim Cory's short stories have the meticulous craftsmanship and precise detail of the best nonfiction. His essays have the depth, expanse, and imagination of fine fiction. His dialogue is by turns hilarious, moving, and exasperatingly true. Why Is That Goddamn Radio On? is a treasure house of a book I'll return to often.”

— Felice Picano, author of Justify My Sins

Literature | Nonfiction | Fiction | Essays and Stories | First Edition October 25, 2024 | 6x9 | 280 pages | ISBN: 978-1-7328145-4-7 (paperback) | 1 lbs. 1 oz.

Cover Art: Revolution 2020-21 by Jonathan Eckel

About the Author

Jim Cory’s most recent publications are Birds & Buildings (2019, Moonstone Press, Philadelphia), Wipers Float In The Neck Of The Reservoir (2018, The Moron Channel, New Orleans) and 25 Short Poems (2016, Moonstone Press, Philadelphia). He has edited poetry selections by contemporary American poets including James Broughton (Packing Up for Paradise, Black Sparrow Press) and Jonathan Williams (Jubilant Thicket, Copper Canyon Press). Recent essays include “What Makes A Queen A Queen?” in the Gay & Lesbian Review, “Fascinating Asshole (or) How I Came To Love Frank Sinatra” in New Haven Review, and “Where’s the Hotboy Going Tonight?” in Chelsea Station. He has been the recipient of fellowships from the Pennsylvania Arts Council, Yaddo and The MacDowell Colony.